We Work in Wow!

Sometimes the breakthroughs are small. Sometimes the work we do is subtle. And sometimes the goals we achieve are big enough for the world to see. 

At ABS Kids, we understand how applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy can help children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) develop. So, we strive every day to live up to our mission and core values for the betterment of our clients. Helping them reach their goals is how we Work in Wow. 

The work we do, the breakthroughs we have and the goals our kids reach … all of it is our wow. When it happens – the first time a child traces a circle, learns to take turns or gives verbal communication – those are our wow moments. And with every one of them, we see our impact grow. 

That is why “wow” exists in everything we do. From our recruiting, to training to every interaction we have with a child and family. This is the kind of dedicated culture we are cultivating at ABS Kids. 

We understand there are times when the work is difficult for everyone involved. But when those achievements are unlocked, the feelings of accomplishment and joy are undeniable for everyone involved – children, families and providers. 

Putting Wow to Work 

To actualize “wow” in our everyday work and culture, our ABA therapy centers will feature signage describing the components and environment for an ideal session with the kids we serve, giving them the best experience possible. 

Whether we are providing therapy in a home, treatment center or community setting, our providers are making a difference in the lives of children with autism. They are helping turn small moments of improvement into momentous accomplishments worth celebrating. 

That is why we encourage our team members to share their wow moments through an internal message board called, “What’s Your Wow?” The purpose is to provide a platform to share stories about these inspiring breakthroughs, helping us create a sense of community and show why our work is so critical in the developmental process. Some of the stories even show up on the ABS Kids social media channels as a way to share our “wows” with the world. 

We Wow for You 

Every aspect of our work is focused on the children and families we serve. Helping kids with autism develop and reach their goals is done with compassion, empathy and expertise. All of it is done with a family-centric approach, because we embrace that everyone is part of the care team.  

That means we can all come together to work in wow.