Hiring Scams Warning

ABS Kids is aware of impersonators purporting to offer information about false job opportunities and fraudulent hiring information.  

A legitimate ABS Kids hiring communication will only come from the @abskids.com email domain.  

ABS Kids will not: 

  • Ask candidates to interview via Skype. ABS Kids does not use Skype in our hiring process.
  • Email candidates from the addresses abskids@consultant.com or info.abskidshiring@gmail.com. These are not ABS Kids email accounts.
  •  Extend job offers through an entirely automated process. All ABS Kids hiring will include talking with a real person.  

We recommend that anyone receiving suspicious emails block and report the messages through your email provider.  

ABS Kids is growing throughout CA, NC, TN, and UT. Our legitimate open job listings can be found at abskids.com/careers