What is an ABS Lead Behavior Interventionist?

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Alternative Behavior Strategies has designed specific employee roles for Client Teams, consisting of:

  • Behavior Interventionist(s)
  • Lead Interventionist
  • Consultant

The role of the Lead Interventionist was created as a training and continued education position. An employee is eligible for this position upon enrollment in BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) coursework and after demonstrating competency running a variety of programs with varied teaching techniques. The purpose of this role is to assist the Consultant with programming needs, which include but is not limited to:

  • Implementing updates of programmatic decisions from consultant
  • Implementing new program goals
  • Creating program materials
  • Researching teaching strategies
  • Collaborating with the Consultant to implement effective strategies

The goal behind the creation of this position is to create BCBA Consultants who demonstrate exemplary skills through an organic, self-paced, supported system. Alternative Behavior Strategies Administration believes that the therapies offered are only as good as the training that their employees are subject to. For this reason, weekly training, supervised programming and individualized supervision are mandatory for the Lead Interventionist Position.

There is more information about our Lead Interventionists on the ABS Staff Bios page.