Raleigh ABA Therapy Center Now Open!

ABS Kids is excited to announce the opening of our new ABA therapy center in Raleigh, North Carolina! ABS Kids helps children with autism and their families reach their individualized goals with ABA therapy. ABA therapy centers provide opportunities for your child to interact with others, take part in group learning activities, and hone social skills while receiving center-based therapy under close supervision. For specific skill development, socializing, and sensory regulation, our centers provide dedicated learning spaces, designed for children with autism.  

“We are thrilled to expand our center-based services for ABA therapy in Raleigh, North Carolina! Partnering with this community has been exciting for our team and we look forward to expanding accessibility to care to patients and families in the area. With our sponsorship of the Marbles Children's Museum's sensory-friendly night and light-up sound-down, we're happy to be a part of the Raleigh community.” - Allyssa Leary, Regional Director of North Carolina  

The brand-new ABS Kids ABA Therapy Center in Raleigh has more than 10,000 square feet of area for learning and can accommodate up to 65 children throughout the service day. By opening ABA therapy facilities, we can increase local Raleigh residents' access to life changing autism intervention.   

Center Based ABA Therapy in Raleigh 

Enhanced Learning: ABA therapy centers are specially designed learning spaces for children with developmental delays including autism spectrum disorder.   

Increased Socialization: ABA therapy centers offer more opportunities for socialization through engaging in small and large group activities, cooperative play with peers, practicing transitions and following group instruction.  

Better Accessibility: Center-based ABA therapy provides caregivers the opportunity to drop their child off to receive services. Full day sessions may be available depending on your child’s prescribed ABA therapy treatment plan. Center-based services make following a highly intensive treatment plan (30-40 hours per week) easier to access.   

Individualized Support: Just like home-based ABA therapy, each child will be supported by a behavior technician assigned to provide one-on-one support to optimize the learning experience.  

It’s Fun: Each ABA therapy center is equipped with tools to engage and motivate children with autism to learn. Whether it’s running around in the gross motor gym or spending time identifying colors in an independent play space, each day is different, and the possibilities are endless.  

Location: 8300 Health Park Ste. 10 Raleigh, NC 27615 

Hours of Operation: Monday- Friday 8:00 am-7:00 pm  

Call today for more information! 704-780-4271