Now Available: Autism Weekly, A Podcast Produced by ABS

Alternative Behavior Strategies (ABS) has launched a new podcast called Autism Weekly. We hope that this podcast lifts up and empowers parents, educates clinicians, and brings together our community at large. Each week we welcome a guest to the podcast to share their unique perspective as it relates to the fascinating world of Autism. We have had guests on the podcast to discuss everything from sleep and feeding, to hair cuts, and high school. We are excited to continue to create interesting and valuable podcasts that will help us all broaden our perspectives and share helpful information.

Autism Weekly is hosted by co-founder and president of ABS, Jeff Skibitsky. Jeff is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and has been active in the Autism community for over two decades. He has held numerous positions on various committees and boards and is a strong advocate for individuals with ASD.

How to listen to Autism Weekly

Listen on your mobile device through your favorite listening app

Autism Weekly is available on all major podcast listening platforms. That includes Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Amazon Music and more. Search “Autism Weekly” to pull up all of our episodes. Subscribe to be notified every time we launch a new episode. 

Visit the abskids.com website

All podcast episodes are accessible through the “resource center” on the abskids.com website. You can access a running feed of all of the recent episodes. Check out the Autism Weekly page today! 

Share with your friends 

Each post will be shared on the ABS Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We welcome you all to share this new resource with individuals in your network. 

Let us know what you think

Help us make this podcast a helpful tool for families, clinicians, and the Autism community at large. We only improve when we receive honest feedback from our listeners. You can let us know your feedback in a couple of ways: 

  1. Leave a review on the streaming platform of your choice. *Like apple podcasts. 
  2. Let us know what you think by clicking here to visit our website and fill out the feedback form. Your feedback will get sent directly to the podcast producer. 

We look forward to learning from our fellow Autism community members through the Autism Weekly podcast.