Introducing the What’s Your WOW Series: Inspirational Stories from ABS Kids

We're excited to introduce our new series, What’s Your WOW. In it, we interview ABS Kids providers to showcase the incredible stories of resilience and progress they have experienced with clients who are living with autism and their families. 

At ABS Kids, our “wow” culture is in everything we do, and we celebrate the significant goals and milestones our clients reach. 

What’s Your WOW Series 
Join us as we highlight the remarkable moments that make us say, "Wow," every day. From children achieving milestones to providers going above and beyond, these stories embody our mission and who we are at ABS Kids. 

Meet Our Host, Chanti Waters: 

Guiding us through these inspiring narratives is our host, Chanti Waters. With her passion for storytelling and dedication to our mission, Chanti helps bring these stories to life. 

Introducing Our First Guest, Milena Suarez: 

Milena Suarez‘s journey from legal psychology to applied behavior analysis exemplifies our commitment to making a difference. Her story sets the stage for the impactful narratives we’ll be sharing. 

Read her blog all about her journey to Kenya here.


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Thank you for joining us on this journey of inspiration. Stay tuned for more wow moments!