Covid-19 Update Regarding Masks & Vaccinations 5/24/2021

Hello ABS Kids Families,

The safety of our staff, the children we treat, and their families has been at the forefront of our minds throughout our response to Covid-19. We are thrilled to see that the Covid-19 Vaccine is now widely available to the general population. With this advancement, the CDC has recently updated its policies regarding masks and social distancing requirements for vaccinated persons. We have reviewed all ABS Kids policies and procedures and have provided an update below with how these changes will impact the services you and your family receive.

Covid-19 Update 5/24/2021: Masks and Social Distancing are no longer required for vaccinated team members for in-home services.

  • In-Home Services: Effective Immediately - Employees who are vaccinated are no longer required to wear a mask in the home. Wearing a mask is at the employee's discretion. That said, if you still prefer that a member of the behavior intervention team wear a mask, ABS Kids will respect the request. Please make sure to let your team know your preferences. If you have a concern, please coordinate directly with your dedicated behavior analyst.
  • In-Center Services: All employees (including administrative), whether vaccinated or not, will continue to be required to wear a mask. ABS Kids will continue to evaluate the mask requirement for in-center services and will provide an update in the near future.
Important Note: We strongly encourage all employees to get vaccinated, for their health, the health of those around them, and as a condition to not wearing a mask. We trust that those who have chosen to not get vaccinated, or have not yet received the vaccination, will continue to follow our safety protocols, which includes wearing a mask. 

While we strongly encourage employees to receive vaccinations, some employees may remain unvaccinated due to personal or legitimate medical or religious reasons. ABS Kids requests that each family respect the privacy and personal vaccination choices of its team members.

The ABS Kids team is here to help. For questions regarding our procedural guidelines and recommendations, please contact your child’s dedicated behavior analyst.

Thank you,