Behavior Analysts Now Using Telehealth To Provide Parent Training & ABA Supervision

To our families and caregivers,

In light of COVID-19 developments, and in following the guidelines recently laid out by the White House Corona Virus Task Force and the Centers for Disease Control, ABS will be temporarily allowing for Behavior Analysts to provide ABA supervision and parent training services via Telehealth. Use of Telehealth allows for reduced exposure to both Behavior Technicians and patients through limiting the number of people in a session at one time.

Telehealth is a way for certain medical professionals to provide specifically approved care via an electronic device such as facetime, skype, or various other electronic applications. The medical professional is able to see and talk with the patient and observe them in real-time. For ABA supervision and training services, your Behavior Analyst will be able to directly observe the Behavior Technicians and your child as well as talk directly to you.

This option is being permitted for our Behavior Analysts, as telehealth has ONLY been approved for supervision and parent training and not for direct care services. By allowing telehealth we will be making certain that our Behavior Technicians, patients, and family members have as minimal contact with others as possible during this period of national emergency.

During this time we will be asking our Behavior Analysts to work with our families and caregivers to enhance parent training and education. This will be especially true if you have decided to cancel some of your sessions due to illness during this time. We will be looking to incorporate a minimum of 30 minutes per week of parent/caregiver training if you are not able to schedule direct care hours for a week or longer.

Please know that the safety and health of our employees, patients, and family members is guiding our decisions during these difficult times. As always, please reach out to any member of your care team if you have any questions and we will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

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Adam Singer, MD
Chief Executive Officer
Alternative Behavior Strategies