ABS Kids Has Opened a New ABA Therapy Center in Nashville, Tennessee!

ABS Kids is proud to announce that we have expanded ABA therapy services to Nashville, Tennessee! Our newest ABA Therapy Center opened in October 2021. We are excited to provide quality care to children with autism and their families in the greater Nashville area.  

The new 7,000 square foot ABA therapy center in Nashville is designed to help children access learning opportunities in both one-on-one and small group settings. Learn more below. 

Nashville ABA Therapy Center Images

About Our ABS Kids ABA Therapy Centers in Nashville, TN

  • Enhanced Learning: ABA therapy centers are specially designed learning spaces for children with developmental delays including autism spectrum disorder.   
  • Increased Socialization: ABA therapy centers offer more opportunities for socialization through engaging in small and large group activities, cooperative play with peers, practicing transitions and following group instruction.  
  • Better Accessibility: Center-based ABA therapy provides caregivers the opportunity to drop their child off to receive services. Full day sessions may be available depending on your child’s prescribed ABA therapy treatment plan. Center-based services make following a highly intensive treatment plan (30-40 hours per week) easier to access.   
  • Individualized Support: Just like home-based ABA therapy, each child will be supported by a behavior technician assigned to provide one-on-one support to optimize the learning experience.  
  • It’s Fun: Each ABA therapy center is equipped with tools to engage and motivate children with autism to learn. Whether it’s running around in the gross motor gym or spending time identifying colors in an independent play space, each day is different, and the possibilities are endless.  

Expanding to new areas means that more children will gain greater access to care. Beginning services in Tennessee was another step ABS Kids is taking towards making high-quality ABA therapy accessible to all children and families affected by autism spectrum disorders across the nation. 

The new ABA therapy center in Nashville is located at 110 29th Ave N Suite 100 Nashville TN 37212.  

A psychological assessment to determine a child’s diagnosis is the first step to receive an ABA therapy treatment prescription. ABS Kids provides psychological assessments and diagnosis via telehealth from the convenience of your family’s home.  

Call 615-549-6608 to learn more about our new ABA therapy center and psychological assessment services available in Nashville!